Your Satisfaction With Liba™ Products and Services Is Our Top Priority. Therefore, We Stand Behind Our Products and Offer Warranties for Full Replacements, Free of Charge as Outlined Below.

About Your Warranty

We Warrant That Liba™ Products and Accessories Will Be Free From Defects in Workmanship and Materials Under Normal Use and Service.

The Liba™ Warranty Applies to Products and Accessories Purchased on Our Web Site at www.libausa.com. a Warranty Claim for an Liba™ Product or Accessory Purchased at a Store Must Be Filed at That Location.

The Warranty Is Limited to a Maximum of One Replacements on a Given Order.

Warranties Do Not Cover Refunds or Exchanges. The Product or Accessory Must Be Defective to Be Eligible for Replacement With an Equivalent Item From Current Liba™ Inventory.

The Warranty Applies Only to Liba™ Products and Liba™ Components.

Warranty Period

Your Liba™ Warranty Begins on the Date of Your Online Purchase and Expires 12-36 Months After That Date Depending on Product.

Additional Exclusions Apply

Listed Below Are Some of the Conditions That the Liba™ Warranty Does Not Cover:

1. Modifications or Alterations, Including Repairs or Services Provided by Any Person or Company Other Than Liba™

2. Tampering With, Physical Abuse to, or Misuse of Products or Accessories in a Manner That Is Inconsistent With the Uses Outlined in the Liba™ Operations Manual

3. Any Use of Products or Accessories Other Than That for Which They Were Designed and Intended

4. Any Use of Accessories (E.g. Chargers or Power Adapters) That Were Not Supplied by Liba™

Steps for Submitting a Warranty Claim

We Welcome All Warranty Repairs or Replacements and Apologize for Any Inconvenience.

All Warranty Claims Are Subject to the Warranty as Outlined Above.

To File a Warranty Claim, Please Follow the Steps Outlined Below to Obtain Your Free Replacement:

1. Contact Liba™ Customer Service.

When You Contact Customer Service, We’ll Ask You for Details Regarding the Problems You Are Experiencing, as Well as the Date You Purchased the Items Online.

If You Have the Relevant Order Number, That May Help Expedite the Process.

2. Submit Your Warranty Claim

Customer Service Will Authorize Your Warranty Claim and Provide You an Address for Shipping Your Defective Item(S). Shipping Charges for Returning Defective Items for Warranty Claims Is the Sole Responsibility of Customers.

After Receiving Your Defective Item(S), We Will Immediately Process Your Warranty Claim and Ship a Replacement Free of Charge.

3. Receive Your Replacement Free of Charge

Please Allow Up to Two Weeks for Processing and Shipping.

All Warranty Claims Are Subject to the Warranty Requirements and Steps Outlined Above.

Please Do Not Send Warranty Claims or Defective Items Without First Speaking to an Liba™ Customer Service Representative. This Could Cause Your Item(S) Not to Be Properly Identified and Therefore Potentially Misplaced. This Could Result in the Forfeiture of Your Warranty Replacement.

Please Note: If You Experience a Problem With a Single Product Component, Please Do Not Return the Entire Liba™ Product, Only the Defective Item.

Any Express Warranty Not Provided Herein, and Any Remedy Other Than the Warranty Contained Herein That Might Arise by Interference or Operation of Law, Is Hereby Excluded and Disclaimed Including the Implied Warranties of Merchantability and of the Fitness for a Particular Purpose. Replacement or Repair of Product Is Your Exclusive Remedy Under This Warranty.

This Warranty Is Subject to the Terms and Conditions as Defined on Our Web Site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get a warranty replacement?

A. You can contact us at [email protected] with your order number, shipping address, and pictures if possible for a new replacement. We don’t send out refurbished units and if the same unit isn’t available then we’ll offer a refund of the original purchase price.

Q. What is my warranty on replacement units?

A. The original warranty is void after a new replacement has been shipped and we offer a new 180 day warranty on replacements.

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