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This is great! I had gotten pretty close to the exact came thing at brookstone for $120, and then when I saw this virtually identical unit here, and I decided to order it to do a comparison. After all, I'd decided that I would turn the one that performed less optimally for the cost.


Buy this right now. When you receive it plug it in, put your feet up, close your eyes, and pretend your somewhere warm and fancy 😉 Honestly though, I'm in love. I carry my stress directly in my neck and this product could not have been delivered at a better time. Feels seriously heavenly and I love that it heats up!! This bad boy can also be used in a CAR! (Hello road trip savor!) though I don't see me frequently using this feature on camping trips this could be a real God send! And honestly, it feels better than some massages I've paid for and its at an awesome price. So really, cast the weight of the world from your shoulders, ignore your messy house and needy dog and ENJOY! (That's what my plan is!!)

TESassHeaven? Is that you?

What's even better is that LiBa's customer service department sent me an email asking if everything was okay with the curtain and reminding me of their 100% satisfaction guarantee!

T. Jewell

I love this product! It arrived very quickly and was packaged very attractively. It is very good quality and at a great price. It's very easy to use and makes slicing vegetables a whole lot faster. They even sent me an email stating they would replace the product if there were any problems with it in the next 36 months!

James HGreat product, great service!